Our Approach

Guiding Principles

  1.  An I T O Individual Team Organization approach begins with the individual.

  2.  The degree to which individual team members are able to access their own potential predicts team potential.

  3.  Every team member is a team leader – accountable to the team.

  4.  Leadership emerges in many forms – personal power trumps position power.


  5.  Quality decisions require quality questions, facts, intuition and communication.

  6.  Quality questions and answers reside in the group’s intuition.


  7.  Group intuition and creative energy emerges where team trust and accountability are present.

  8.  The path to 'AND' is through openness to 'OR' alternatives.  The best AND includes the best OR options.


  9.  Relationships are built one transaction at a time.

10.  Transformation begins with respect, for the Individual, the Team, and the Organization’s culture and history.